PNXBET Affiliate Application | Earn 30% to 40% Commission

PNXBET Affiliates is an earning platform, where you can earn 30% to 40% commission by referring a casino players using your own referral link. The commissions can be withdraw every first week of the month. REGISTRATION IS COMPLETELY FREE! APPLY NOW! Read our DISCLAIMER here.

Please follow the steps carefully.



Click the “Register” button above. Fill up the necessary details: Name, Email, Password and Currency. Read the terms and conditions and click Submit.

After you submit your application, go to your email to confirm your registration. You will see a message as shown in the photo below:

Account Activated

This means your account was successfully activated and your account is under reviewed. Please wait within 24 hrs. for your account approval. PNXBET Affiliate staff is still processing your request. Check your email regularly for any updates regarding the status of your application.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Earn in PNXBET Affiliate by referring casino players. They need to sign up on your own referral link. Affiliates can earn 30% to 40% commission and withdraw it every first week of the month.

Go to your dashboard -> Tools -> Link Creator and copy your Referral Link.

No. You don't need to do that. The casino players will be the one who will register or sign up on your link.

No. You don't need to load or top up your players. They are the one will do it for themselves.

No. They are the one responsible for withdrawal of their money. Your only task is to invite your casino players using your own link.

30% to 40% commission. You will achieve the 40% commission once you have 100+ active players in a month.

No. They are different with each other.

You can use Coins.Ph or any bitcoin platform like Binance, Paxful, Okx, etc.

Every 1st week of the month.

For more information regarding PNXBET Affiliates click here.