PNXBET: How to Withdraw on PNXBET? – Tutorial

To withdraw in PNXBET, you must have BTC account on any platform like: Binance, Coins.PH, OKEX, Paxful, or any bitcoin/cryptocurrency platform. Read our DISCLAIMER here.

Step 1: Login to your PNXBET Account

Click login button at the right corner and go to edit profile and click “My Wallet” then the “Withdraw” button.

Before you withdraw your funds/money on PNXBET, you must verify first your account. Click (PNXBET VERIFY) for the guide on how to verify your PNXBET Account.

Why do you need to verify your account? In order for us to know that you are not below 18 years old.

Step 2: Withdraw your Money

Withdraw Options

Here is the list of gateways where your money will be transferred. Select one applicable mode of payment that you have. The minimum amount to withdraw is 1,000 PHP ($20) and the maximum amount to withdraw (in 1 day) is 100,000 PHP ($2,000).

Enter your details like bitcoin address and the amount, then click the submit button.

Once you withdraw your money just wait for 5 to 10 minutes, rest assured your money will be transferred to your account. You can check at the “Withdrawal Status” button the status of your request. If you have encountered problem, just message the live chat button at the bottom-right side.

You’re done! Enjoy & Bet Responsibly!

Why my withdrawal request was paid on PNXBET and did not arrive on my account?

– There are two reasons, first: the Blockchain is traffic and second you input wrong Bitcoin Address.

The blockchain is traffic because there’s a lot of transaction on blockchain itself. If you want to track your bitcoin (money) just go here “BLOCKONOMICS.CO“, then paste your bitcoin address. You can see there the status of your bitcoin, it’s either “Unconfirmed” or “Confirmed”. Don’t worry if your bitcoin status is Unconfirmed, later on it will be confirmed, it’s normal on a bitcoin transactions. Once it is confirmed, you can now enjoy your money.